PDF stationery with the PDFCreator watermark option

I just wanted to let you know that PDFCreator (an open source pdf printer for windows) can merge your stationary PDF with whatever you are PDF-printing. The option is called watermarking, but it just merges the pages. Thus if you have a text document with “test” and you print it to a PDF with PDFCreator that is configured with your company stationary logo paper you will get a PDF with your logo paper and the text “test”.
It can be configured through Options when you print to a pdf. I created new profile called “company letter paper” and I enabled the run-after-pdf-script called “watermark”-something.

If you plan to deploy this to a bunch of machines I suggest reading this post although it is a bit old, it can still be used. I’ve used 1.0.2 for deploying, it works quite well.


Changing the name of ubuntu linux network interface.

As you attach network interfaces to Linux it will give it names.
The first network interface that is connected will usually be called eth0 if is a wired network interface.
If you have changed you network interface some times, your standard interface can now be called eth5 or something like that. It doesn’t bother a regular user, but it might be annoying from an administrators point of view that you don’t know the name of the interface.

Anyway, to change the name of the ethernet interface from eth5 to eth0 in ubuntu you just need to edit the file:

An example of the content of the file is:
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="52:54:00:76:da:63", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth2"

Just change the NAME from eth2 to eth0 if that is what you want to do.