PDF stationery with the PDFCreator watermark option

I just wanted to let you know that PDFCreator (an open source pdf printer for windows) can merge your stationary PDF with whatever you are PDF-printing. The option is called watermarking, but it just merges the pages. Thus if you have a text document with “test” and you print it to a PDF with PDFCreator that is configured with your company stationary logo paper you will get a PDF with your logo paper and the text “test”.
It can be configured through Options when you print to a pdf. I created new profile called “company letter paper” and I enabled the run-after-pdf-script called “watermark”-something.

If you plan to deploy this to a bunch of machines I suggest reading this post although it is a bit old, it can still be used. I’ve used 1.0.2 for deploying, it works quite well.

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